The AMSE Summer School provides students with the opportunity to learn from leading academics in their fields and engage with peers, while discovering the splendor of one of the most coveted summer destinations.

Considering the ongoing uncertainty caused by the pandemic, the conference will be held on-site (preferably) or fully online. The format will be confirmed as soon as possible.


AMSE Summer School 2021 on "The economics of networks"

The AMSE Summer School 2020 covers recent theories and empirical approaches that economists have designed to study complex interactions within networks of individuals, firms and governments.

Networks permeate our daily lives. Individuals learn about new products and job opportunities through family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. Firms’ choice of technology is heavily influenced by spillovers from nearby firms and competitors. Governments’ policies are shaped by international alliances and institutions. In these examples, the behaviour of agents (individuals, firms and governments) affects other agents, whose response might affect other agents, and so on. Economists study how these interactions develop through complex networks and have profound effects in different areas -- labour markets, competition among firms, political beliefs and outcomes, to name a few.

During the three days of the Summer School, students will get rigorous and in-depth exposure to the most recent theories and empirical methods in the economics of networks. Lectures will be given by leading experts in the field: Lori Beaman (Northwestern University), Sanjeev Goyal (University of Cambridge), Yann Bramoullé (CNRS, AMSE) and Habiba Djebbari (Aix-Marseille University, AMSE).

This year’s summer school should be of interest to graduate students or academics who want to expand their knowledge in this thriving area of research and to practitioners who want to familiarize themselves with the key issues affecting network structures. Faculty is available to discuss research projects and ideas and to provide feedback throughout the three days of the Summer School.



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